We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

I would like to give my sincere, thank you to Volk Leber for the kind, compassionate and outstanding handling of Lornas celebration of life. Lorna looked as beautiful as she always was in my heart and memories. Lorna was and always will the world to me as my true love. Monty, Ardith, Kurt, and Rita treated Lorna and me with such heart felt care, I would not have been able to handle this time without them to all of you I will be forever and deeply grateful. Thank you and my best wishes to all of you who helped me during my heart break

Bob Stark November 28, 2019

To all the wonderful, caring people at Volk Leber. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude at all you did to ease the pain of my recent loss. From handling the arrangements to making sure all was done with dignity & grace (including offering your office as my cafeteria). I can't thank you enough. The entire process was all I hoped it ould be to honor Tommy's life here on earth. Thank You again & God bless you all!

Barbara Rochford April 15, 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Volk Leber Oradell branch for my father's funeral services. We were unprepared, as I think most people are when this event happens, and did not know where to start. It was just a few hours after his death and we knew selecting the right funeral home and feeling comfortable with the decision was essential. We decided on Volk Leber Oradell because of how we felt when we entered the building. It was airy, welcoming, and bright. My mom also said, "this is it - this is the place". It was also due to meeting Monty and how caring he was as he walked us through the service and what to expect. The two and half days at Volk Leber funeral home was bittersweet, but we know our "Papa" would have been pleased. Thank you Leber family, thank you so much, Monty!

Janet Triunfo Woo December 14, 2017

I wanted to reach out about the wonderful care my family and I received recently for the funeral arrangements of my parents this past January. "Monty" helped us though such a difficult time, and I wanted to acknowledge his compassion and thoughtfulness. He went above and beyond the help we could have anticipated in this kind of situation. He was extremely personable, respectful and compassionate. We all greatly appreciated his calm spirit. He has a gift for making you feel like your loss is his loss. I also want to acknowledge all of your drivers that helped us with our transportation: Bob B., Chris G. and Romeo C. They were all so responsible, courteous and considerate. Last, but not least ... Kathy M. who was so helpful in taking care of all the insurance paperwork. Her support meant that everything came together seamlessly. Thank you for your wonderful team!

Nedra C-W

I just would like to express my extreme gratefulness for Monty and Volk Leber. You are such kind and warm people. The gentleness you showed me during the loss of my daughter and mother-in-law was amazing. Thank you for the beautiful prayer cards. I will always recommend Volk Leber.

Margaret W.

Dear Matt, Your services and expertise were stellar in assisting us with our father’s arrangements. We are grateful for your flexibility and patience in handling all of the details that we requested during this difficult time. Your staff was also very courteous and professional at all times. We couldn’t have asked for better! Thank you for all you have done. My father’s viewing and the funeral was dignified and first class, as were my mother’s almost 22 years ago, there. We truly appreciate all of your help during our time of grief. Thank you and God Bless all of you. With sincere appreciation, The family of Vincent D.

Vincent D.

Dear Dan & Matthew, Thank you for your wonderful service. Your Funeral Home gave me three (3) things; comfort, warmth and healing, which I needed. I deeply appreciate everything you did for me and my family. Most Sincerely, Rita S. Thank you for my beautiful rose.

Rita S.

Dear Matt, We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for all of your kindness and thoughtfulness at our most difficult time. From the moment you arrived at our house, you were just wonderful and really helped us through our tremendous loss. We can’t thank you enough for arranging the Naval ceremony at the cemetery. We continue to rave about the extraordinary service you gave us and Dad. We are so grateful that we made our arrangements through your funeral home. Once again, our many thanks. Sincerely, Patti P. & the rest of the family

Patti P.

Dear Matt, My family and I thank you so much for your kindness during those sad days following my father’s death. Everyone at Volk Leber was so helpful and considerate and made everything much easier for us. We are most appreciative. Sincerely, Diane S.

Diane S.

Dear Matt, I cannot begin to thank you enough for your professional, kind, compassionate, and supportive care during this difficult period. It was a pleasure and honor to meet you , and my mother who is difficult at best, immediately felt comfortable with you and has been complimenting you to her friends and relatives all week. You are certainly carrying on the tradition of your wonderful parents who I have been fortunate enough to know for several years now. Your helpfulness in coordinating this difficult and unfortunately delayed funeral for my Dad, and your patience with all the changes and arrangements has been extraordinary. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to have met you and to have you take care of my father’s final arrangements. Wishing you continued health, happiness and success in the future. Sincerely, CPV


Dear Matt, I want to say thank you to you and your staff for all the help and kindness you gave to my family and me during a very stressful time. You helped to ease some of the pain of my mother’s passing. Please let Joseph know that the restaurant was very good and we thank him recommending it. Again, Matt, I thank you and your staff for everything. Regina B.

Regina B.

Dear Kurt and the entire staff at Volk Leber: I just wanted to thank you for the way you handled my sister's funeral. I felt you made everything easier and less stressful. Each time I thought I would have to do something or say something, you seemed to be there to handle it. Thank you!!

Mary W. July 02, 2019

We want to thank you so much for the support provided to us during the loss of our mother/mother-in-law/grandma, Genoveva Mesonero. Your concern and efforts that everything was perfect during a hard time, was greatly appreciated. Your staff was so supportive. We want to thank especially Monty, who was there making sure we were taken care of. My mom looked beautiful. She is now in heaven looking down at all of us and smiling. Sincerely, Rick, Enid and family


Dear Mr. Larsen: I cannot find the words to tell you how grateful I am for the professional handling of my husband's funeral. Thank you.


Dan Leber: I would like to thank you and your entire staff for an excellent job in handling my uncle's arrangements. The family and my aunt have offered nothing but positive comments about your services. Monty was excellent and had great suggestions to offer during the entire process.

Joe L.

Thank you for your kindness, professionalism, and close attention to detail during this sad moment in our lives. WJF


Dear Dan & Matt, I cannot ever begin to express my gratitude to you for your most gentle, most professional, most supportive care of me during the loss of my mother. Also, your exquisite preparation of her was most heartwarming. She truly appeared most natural, comfortable and peaceful. It was encouraging for me to see her looking so well after the struggle of the last few days of her life. Your kindness, compassion, generosity and thoughtfulness and attention to detail is beyond measure. I also wish to compliment Kurt and your entire staff on their professionalism and understanding and patience and nurturing throughout this difficult period. Thank you for all you have continued to do for me and my family. Sincerely, Charles V.

Charles V.

Dear Matt and the entire staff of Volk Leber, We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude to all of you for your warmth, compassion, and professionalism in conducting the funeral of C.S last December. Everyone was extremely kind and exceptionally accommodating to our wishes, which made a difficult time that much easier to bear. We are adjusting to life without her now and cherish the memory in our hearts. We will not hesitate to recommend your establishment to others. Fondly, Harold & Doug S. and Charlie & Mindy R.

Harold & Doug S.

Dear Matthew, Sorry this note comes so late. I had planned to write it much sooner, however, we have been very busy with many issues, as you can imagine. My family and I want to thank you for taking care to turn a very difficult time for us into an easy task. Even though our mother lived a long and wonderful life and we knew the end was near, we were not prepared to let go. The atmosphere at the wake was so comforting that our friends said they were moved to stay longer with the family because everything was done in such good taste…it was if they were visiting our home (quite a compliment, indeed). Also, please extend our appreciation to the gentleman who packed our belongings so carefully. The little ceramic figurines were wrapped so well, it took several of us a while to get through the box to get them out ?. Needless to say, they were in perfect condition. In addition we need to mention your cosmetologist who applied the precise amount of makeup our Mom would have used [for a woman of her 95 years] which made her look so beautiful. Thank you so much for everything again, and regards to your dad. Sincerely, MHF


Dear Matt, Our family wanted to express our deepest appreciation for the attentive, caring and compassionate service we received during such a painful and difficult time. The passing of Frank was a sudden shock to us all and although a holiday weekend loomed, we were all much comforted by your ability to listen and act on our concerns of hosting an immediate wake, followed by a dignified ceremony and entombment. All throughout you and your staff provided subtle, caring guidance while also swiftly attending to any problem that arose, from the reorganizing of the flower arrangements at the wake, to ensuring our song and reading selections were resent to the church; all little items, but little items that made a big impact and allowed us to focus on saying our Last good-byes. Thank you again. With Fondest Regards, Margie F.

Margie F.

Hello Matt, Thank you so much for the kind, thoughtful, and attentive care you and your staff provided us as we celebrated our Mom’s life and laid her to rest. Being able to “make the space our own” for the visitation and funeral was very special and allowed us to have a “party” in the style that Mom would have liked! Your assistance and perceptive selection of a special gravesite reading at the cemetery was a wonderful touch. Again thanks Matt! Sincerely, Michele & Denise B.

Michele & Denise B.