Cremations and Memorial Services

Coming together after a loss is a very essential part of the grieving process. If you choose to have a Memorial Service, Volk Leber Funeral Homes understands the value of a Cremation Ceremony after the death of a loved one to honor their life.

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Cremation Services

Cremation only refers to the manner in which you or your loved one has chosen to deal with the physical remains. We want you to know that this decision doesn’t limit the ways you can honor your loved one's life. We kindly suggest that you have a funeral or memorial service, because your need for such a healing experience is not lessened by the decision to be cremated. Be confident, the options can be customized to your family's needs. Please contact us to discuss the wide variety of celebratory options open to you.

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Cremation Options

Those who choose open casket visitation and service believe that viewing the deceased helps provide the value of closure for them. 

Those who choose a closed casket or an urn, usually accompanied with photographs and keepsakes, feel it is better to remember their loved one as they lived their life. 

In either case, mental health professionals agree that the more the family involves themselves in design and participation of their tribute, the better they are at working through the grief process. 

These are just some of our cremation and service options:

  • Traditional visitation; open or closed casket; funeral service the next day.
  • Morning of the funeral visitation, 1 or 2 hours prior to service.
  • Visitation or gathering in Church prior to service.
  • Immediate cremation with Memorial Service at a later date. 
  • Webcasting to allow everyone to attend Memorial Service online.

Burial Services

Why Do So Many People Choose Cremation?

People choose cremation for various reasons. Some simply feel it is the most common sense method of final disposition.  Others take into account environmental considerations. To many, it is a family or religious tradition and they have been choosing cremation for generations. Still others choose it for cost savings and see it as an alternative to an “elaborate” funeral.

Cremation Services

What are the Cost Savings?

There is a cost savings with Cremation. The purchase and opening charge for a new grave in Bergen County, NJ averages $3,500, while the cost of cremation is significantly less. In addition, you have the option to select a modest casket designed for cremation which can help manage costs as well.

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